Don't you love it...

... when you happen upon something that makes you smile?
I'm a big keeper of ticket stubs, matchbook covers, cardboard coasters, cafe receipts. I tuck them into t-shirt drawers and yarn baskets and into books. I love that instant when one of those treasures shows itself. It is a priceless treat to be transported back to a lovely moment.
I've also kept many pretty postcards and lots and lots of snapshots...

I recently tripped across this photo from a pattern booklet I worked on years ago.
This fantastic face belongs to my great nephew. Yes... my great nephew! If you do the math... I know, it is impossible!!
Simon is now twice as big.
As soon as I could, I popped it up on Facebook and tagged him in the image.
I thought for certain it would cause grumbles of embarrassment.
Within a minute of it appearing he made it his profile picture. And, it has remained his picture for over a week now.
I look forward to his posts so I can see that wonderful smirk under that fishy little cap. And, ooohhh those freckles.

I dug through some of my working files of the various fish motifs I worked on while developing the design.
You can use it to come up with your own cap. Or use it on a bag... or a pocket... or a patch on a blanket... or turn it on it's tail and make it into socks...
Enjoy the full moon!

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