Back in the "dark ages" of the internet......

... always seemed to be the place I ended up when I was searching for stuff I was interested in.

Best Cheap Eats in New York City?
Is that a tick on my dog?

How do I make this $5 yard sale find look like a million bucks?
How do I make a sourdough starter?
You get the idea.

This internet resource is still one of the best ones out there.
Well, every year they hold a Reader's Choice Awards. This year they have expanded the award categories... and now knitting is included!!

You can nominate your favourite wool yarn, cotton yarn, sock yarn, knitting needles and...

... best book of 2010!

If you'd like.... you can vote for "Gifted".
That would make my publisher happy and that would make me happy... :-D
I am a wee bit uncomfortable with blatant self promotion... it might show.
Click here to do all of your voting!


MiA said...

Voted for your beautiful book :)

Karin said...

I just voted, too!