Happy knitting....

It is still very much winter here. Last night was a blessing and a curse. The night sky cleared to host the perfect lunar eclipse. It was eerie how quickly all the moon shadows disappeared to welcome it's arrival. Oh, the curse? The clear skies let out all the heat. -24c with the wind chill--- that's -11 in Fahrenheit speak.

I figure it was the cold that inspired a happy knitting project. On Tuesday it was sent off to a knitting publication for a potential Fall story. The operative word is always "potential". When it comes to books and magazines it’s all about page space and until it hits the press nothing is for certain. Here is a glimpse of what cheeriness may come for you to knit….



B is for...

... a better world.

  • Interweave Press has a list of knitting related good works programs here.
  • Finding Forty is a Canadian blog with programs encouraging knit goods for Afghanistan, Labrador and Mongolia.
  • And The Streetknit Project is a Toronto based program.

Knitting can make a change.