L is for...

... London! Lovely... luscious... lilting... lively... London.


Have maps...

... will travel!

I am doing more than Web Wandering today... I am world wandering!
I won't be gone too long... and I'll do my best to send an update from the road.

My web wanderings today have my impending travels plainly in my sights.....
Put on the kettle and check out the lovely blog, lovely textiles.

Elvis Robertson's eye for fibery lovelies is joyfully time sucking! The sweet shop "Loop" was high on my list of places to go before, but Elvis' article has cemented my trekking plans to Islington.
In Paris, pity the poor local who tries to stand in my way at La Droguerie!

While on the road-- and a wee bit homesick-- I will be dropping by a new site that will certainly enable my obsessive ardour for hard to find out of print patterns! Patternfish is the knit juicy brainchild of Julia Grunau. Julia is the most "knit passionate" person I know!! Her love for the craft and respect for the designers that make knitting exciting is uplifting. With Patternfish she and her talented crew are able to share the passion with all of us.

Kudos Prime Minister Julia!!


They're BIG and ORANGE...

I would have thought by now I would have amassed an adequate size range of knitting needles.... not!
I had a hold up on the "denim project" due to the lack of 19mm needles.
Now I can begin to explore my "idea" further in a knitterly way....


Three days...

... until World Wide Knit in Public Day!!!

Grab something special--- or not.
Sit somewhere special--- or not.
Just do it!


It's official...

... Color Style is available as of October 1st!
This is the latest "Style Series" collaborative effort of Pam Allen and Ann Budd.

Here is what is said about the book:
  • Product Description
    From simple stripes to intricate Fair Isle patterns, this resource provides a solid foundation and numerous examples of the best ways to bring knits to life. Full of gorgeous patterns and clear instructions, 15 top knitwear designers—including VĂ©ronik Avery, Mags Kandis, Deborah Newton, Kristin Nicholas, and Shirley Paden—provide inspiration and practical projects for the beginning and experienced knitter alike. From an easy-to-knit pullover that alternates narrow stripes of solid and variegated yarns to a multicolored Fair Isle cardigan worked with steeks, this guidebook is filled with projects that take advantage of the countless ways in which knits can be enriched with color.
The cover sweater is enthralling.... those fantastic colours... are those colour changes?... hand dyes?.... hmmmmmmm.
As the description shares, I have a piece in the book that was a special "me happy" project.
I've shown hints of it over the past few months..... any guesses?



Ideas finalized.
Projects finished.
Packed in box.
Sent to Interweave.
Just a final read through-- or three-- of the patterns for Monday.
Then, really done!
Yes. More projects with stitching. Running and Chain Stitch are my friends!
With all this "knit stitching" I am readying myself to do some "sew stitching" thanks to Alabama Chanin.
I saw an advance copy of Natalie Chanin's book in January and impatiently waited for it to became available nearer the end of March.

Now, I must confess, I don't really like the sewing process. In the summer, if I can't "do it" lounging beneath a shady tree with the cool breeze coming off the lake--- I take a pass. But Alabama Chanin's sewing fits the bill.... slow and simple and hammock-able. Besides... the neutral palette is driving me crazy!!!!!!
And, this fantastical Tie Chair!!!! I'll be sharpening my elbows for up coming Boot Sales!!!


I adore the internet...

You start with a "click" that leads to a page. Then, another "click' leads to another page that inspires a "google"... and... voila... you end up here...

Click on the page for more....

Brilliant!!! 1891!!! On my laptop!!!

The collector of all of this wonderment-- only known as A.M.-- had no idea how long her (it had to be a her) shared knowledge would last!!!

After all of your needlwork, do not miss the hand ointment on page 381... the Valuable Recipes for the Toilet section...


K is for...

Klezmer.... Hip hop klezmer!!!

Click on the cover above to be transported to YouTube where you can enjoy a video from these very creative, clever and talented Montrealers.

K is also for KIVA...