Be still...

... my heart.

These four, simple words fully capture the way I felt the first time I stepped through the door of Americo Original.
It was all I could do to keep from not forgetting to breathe in and breathe out....

Gratuitous and wantonly tempting yarn shop/nirvana photos ahead

This Queen Street West location, a few doors down from Bathurst, has become a Toronto yarn lovers mecca of all things lush and lovely.

Tempting baskets filled with fantastic pima cotton in a thick and thin fingering weight...

... snuggled next to bodaciously, bulky butter-soft wools.

There are loose, calling reelings of smooth, cool cottons in the most lovely shades...

... and gently twisted skeins of warm wools.

Ooooh... and lookie at what we have here! A whole wall of Winter Flame--- that seductive alpaca/wool of Mothed fame!
If I were asked, "if you could only knit with one yarn for the rest of your life, what would that one yarn be?" I would not hesitate on an answer. Americo Winter Flame!
The colours... the hand... the drape!
Sometimes I think it is fortunate I live about two hours away. Any closer and I could easily become The Crazy Yarn Lady because of my potential daily "fix".

Such lucky kniterati Toronto has!
Such a gem of a shop!!

Oh, and not to worry if you swoon and faint from fibre overload....

...even the copper ceiling is something to inspire.


Anonymous said...

Wow,this place looks amazing! If I ever visit Toronto I'll make a bee line there. I just found your blog and I have been enjoying it.

SewKnit said...

Makes me want to get in my car and drive there RIGHT NOW! Looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing.