... of advice.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about gauge. Then today I got this message...

Hi Mags,

I was in Vancouver last Christmas and found a store that had Americo yarn. I naturally bought enough to make Mothed. I’ve been swatching and am having a dickens of a time getting gauge. If I use 6mm needles I can get 20 st over 4 inches. I’ve tried this in the round, knitting flat but can’t seem to hit the 18 st. augh! Anyhow, I’ve looked at the over one hundred knitters who have knit this pattern and no one else is having this problem.

Any tips that you may have would be most appreciated.

(name removed to protect the innocent)

I blame the following reply I sent on the very spicy Massaman Curry I had for dinner... and the fact that I beleive what I wrote...

Hi (name removed to protect the innocent),
Sorry to hear you are struggling. From your Ravelry info it appears that you are a knewbie knitter... welcome!
Here are some words of advice that were shared with me years ago...

Needle size DOES NOT matter.... GAUGE matters!!

Just move up to a larger needle and swatch again.
I have the total opposite problem... I am a chronic loose knitter! I used 3.25mm needles to get gauge for Mothed in the Americo... gasp! I've been knitting for years and I know to just disregard the needle size of ANY project I take on.
Between you and me, I just want to smack--just lightly ;)-- any knitter that proclaims with hand on hip, "I have PERfect gauge!". Honestly! I believe there is no such thing for ALL projects-- I'm sure some will disagree with me!
The needle size stated on a yarn band or in a pattern is simply a suggested size to start with. There is absolutely nothing wrong and certainly no shame in moving up or down as many needle sizes as needed to create a beautiful, well fitting and satisfying project.
Always remember the goal is the joy found in creating your knitted project NOT obtaining gauge at the suggested needle size.
Now I'll step down from my soap box.. :)
I know this may be frustrating--especially when you are revved up to start a project-- but, you'll get those 18 stitches to 4" and you'll enjoy making and wearing Mothed... I know it!