Good bye Vietnam!

22 days
3 countries
14 new GAP friends
Countless scarves and Sapa bags....
Tomorrow, I start my 22 hour journey towards a snowy home. I have many stories to share... but until then, here is how the sunset looked on Halong Bay.


Scratch one off "The List"...

I apologize for the large gap between posts!
I have been distracted by one of those once in a lifetime adventures.... Indochina!!!
Over the past 12 days I have:
*Traveled half way around the world.
*Flip flopped about Bangkok.
*Tuk-tukked most of Siem Reap.
*Amassed an embarrassingly large collection of scarves--- cotton and silk.
*Played the role of "Mags Kandis--- Tomb Raider".
*Survived crossing the streets of Phnom Penh.
*Ate something very disagreeable.
*Floated down the Mekong.
Now, I begin my 12 day journey through Vietnam --from south to north.
Above is how I saw the sunrise at Angkor Wat. This experience was on my life "To Do List"..... it was beautiful!