...that is what I have been since I became aware of all the Modern Quilt Wraps that are on the needles. I am loving every one of them!!! What I am also enjoying are the wonderful little stories that accompany the pictures. The hunting down of the yarn; the making of "Kidsilk Crack" cost splitting buddies on the other side of the country; the history of the stash yarns chosen; the joyful musings on choosing colours; the wish for more knitting time... Thank you for all of the sharing!!!!!
It makes me smile knowing that the simple garter stitch pleasure of the MQW is creating-- what I think of as-- "happy knitting noises".

Those of you who have visited the Folk Style Knitalong should have come across a link I supplied addressing all of those friggen loose ends. Click here and you will--- as I like to say with a wink-- "see God.... and She knits!". The source of this "end hiding" tutorial is Aija Goto. The latest issue of Knitty has a fabulous pair of knee socks designed by Aija! Kudos!

BTW- If you are working on your own variation of the MQW send me a picture. I'll add it to the slide show.


Back to school...

I very rarely teach workshops. Don't get me wrong... it's not that I don't enjoy it. I love teaching! That's why I choose not to do it often.... I always want to love it. I enjoy the interaction with my classmates; the exploration of creative ideas; the inspiration I draw from the class time; the silence of happy creative hands; and the fabulous bursts of laughter. I just find teaching to be very exhausting and quite the antithesis to my normal knit-swatches-work-on-computer-write-patterns-all-alone daily work life.

The end of October I will be offering up two morning workshops at the CreativFestival in Toronto.

For years this mammoth weekend of a creative inhale and exhale was called The Sewing and Needlework Festival--- the name change happened this year, I think--- I still lovingly call it the "Needlework Nightmare". 40,000 fantastically hyper-enthused crafters show up over the three day event for classes, demos, fashion shows, inspiration and-- above all else-- retail therapy. It really is a must-do event if you are within driving distance of Toronto.

I will also be holding a brief needle felting demo and a Folk Style book signing in the afternoons. I am partnered with a LYS who has a booth at the show. Part of the deal is that I will have a 10'x10' area to display most-- if not all-- of the projects from Folk Style. Imagine, you can be upfront and personal with Gayle's Felt Appliqued Skirt, Kate's Paisley Shawl, Robin's Bunad Mukluks, and Gina's Appalachian Gathering Basket.....

I know, some of you might be swooning right now. It is a good thing that you are-- most likely-- already sitting down.

I hope you are able to make the show.... and please... stop by to see the Folk Style projects and say hello!


If it's September.... it must be spring!!!

No, I am still in Canada.

As much as the thought of another Ontario winter without a "real" source of heat could compel me to skip off--- laptop and maple syrup in hand--- for a new found south of the equator existence.... I'm still here.... I hate packing.

If it's September....... I can be found finalizing patterns, joining seams, knitting collars and fastening buttons to what will become the Mission Falls spring collection of designs. In the highly organized chaos of my studio are stacks of boxes. Each box contains a project. Each project is in it's own unique state of "donedness". Of course, it is all very top secret--- there is always the concern of industrial espionage, don't ya know. But I'll share a smidgen... a hint... a tease...

New colours of 1824 Cotton?.... maybe ;-). Twelve new designs for the next warm season... definitely. I'll share more later..... when it's safe.... I promise.

Until it really is spring... you can check out Mission Falls' new twist on an old favourite available this autumn... 1824 tricolors