... is of the essence.

I just found out that there are only 9 more days left in the latest contest!
9 more days and your chance of winning a copy of Gifted will be gone... 8-O
All you have to do is leave a comment. Now, how hard is that? Even if you already have a copy... just imagine what a lovely gift Gifted would make.
While you are at knitcast, don't forget to listen to Marie's interview with me...
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... at the advertisement that showed up on my Facebook page!

At first, I scratched my head.
Then... all I could do was laugh!



... Fashionistas!!!
Today I dropped into our local Salvation Army Thrift Store in search of wool sweaters to felt and make "stuff" out of. It is a bit too early for a good winter selection but I did happen across a quite a lovely 100% cashmere cardigan from Lands End...

in a lovely shade of aqua...

in pretty darn good condition...

with a price tag of only $3.00!
New, they are $150.00!!!!!
My experience is, cashmere does not felt well so it does not suit my "stuff making" project but boy there sure is a little room in my closet.
Do your closet, your wallet and those in need a great favour and visit your local good works thrift store. You might want to drop a buck or two in the bucket at the cash.
I did... it only somewhat lessened the guilty pleasure I felt as I walked out the door with such a lovely treat....
Same time next week..... for wool sweaters... of course... :)


A gift...

... from me to me to celebrate Gifted!
I am not much of a sock knitter--- gasp! And, I certainly did not want to hide this beautiful Noro colourway under boots… so I made this instead!!

I had just finished all the projects for Gifted and thought this would be a lovely little gift for me to make and celebrate.
The original design from the book--- Linen Summer Wrap--- is a wrap/scarf for, well, the summer months.

I loved the cool, dry hand of Berroco's Linen Jeans and felt the soft neutral contributed to a sense of coolness I wished for the piece. Perfect for the summer or to take along on a tropical vacation...

It being late fall at the time, I grabbed my hot-hued, woolly Noro!
I used a kitchen scale to wind off two fairly equal balls out of the one that I had.
I did not block the finished piece. I liked the way the skinny ends had become colourful tendrils.

I started and finished it while on an incredible trip I took to Morocco last November. The colours in the wrap mimicked many I saw in the souks of Marrakesh.
Mmmmm… this wrap makes me think of mint tea…


A gift...

... from me to you to celebrate Gifted.
A free pattern!!
Not every idea and every pattern can fit between the covers of one itty, bitty book. Sometimes a design or two must be shelved. Gifted had such moments. But, fret not! Dust barely began to collect on that shelf before I saw a good reason to bring out this "gifty" idea for all to make.


This is a fun, quick felted belt that makes my heart sing...
Very few things thrill me like a good stripe. With Cinched I am able to play with colours, stripe widths and spacings while formulating new ways to use colour when designing larger projects.

I'm on my third Cinched. Unfortunately, for those around me, I have been closeting my creations for my own, personal use. I know..... baaaaaaaaad gift maker ;).
FYI, I feel there is absolutely nothing wrong in practicing a project--- many, many, many times if needed--- until I feel happy enough to wrap it up and give it away. That is my story and I am sticking to it....

Here is a link to the Ravelry page so you can save it in your library and queue it up. And here is a link to the pattern on my website.
Happy Cinch-ing!