Gong Hay...

...Fat Choy!
I just came across these fabulous knitterly treats that are perfect for the upcoming Chinese New Year.
Indigo Muse created these gems and has the pattern available for free.
They are so quick and easy you can whip up a baker's dozen in no time while doing a wee bit of stash busting in the process.
I can't think of a better way to spend this very chilly Sunday afternoon....
And, don't forget your opportunity to acquire some lovely buttons by clicking here!


Change ...

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.
The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill


One hundredth...

... blog post celebration!
I thought it would never be achieved! I am more of a maker and talker than a writer, so these posts have been a very good exercise for me.
I'll use this auspicious occasion to share something sad and something happy.
The something sad?
Today I said good bye to our Christmas tree...

I wait until the absolute last possible moment to remove the decorations and wind up the lights for another year. This year's tree-- the most fragrant of Nova Scotia Balsam Fir-- was set up on December 9th. She glowed in the sitting area off of the kitchen until this afternoon.
Skeeter, tree and me went for our traditional "long walk" into the woods...

The something happy?
I know at least a handful of you have been visiting my blog on a regular basis... so, to celebrate my 100th post I wish to gift you!!
I have a token of appreciation for one lucky person who visits...
eight beautiful buttons.

They are hand crafted in Nepal out of non-endangered water buffalo bone and have been dipped in henna for an antiqued cast. These will look fantastic on all sorts of projects.

Just leave a comment sharing-- in 10 words or less-- why you love buttons!!
On February 1st a lucky winner will be announced and the buttons will be sent on their way!
Make certain that I can contact you by email. Include a link to your blog or site or leave you email address with your comment!
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!
Here's to the next 100...
The giveaway has now ended and we have a winner.
Thank you for all of your wonderful comments!!!


Have you tried...

... Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flammé ?
Oh my G-A-W-D!!
What a scrumptious combination of Peruvian wool, alpaca and silk.
So s-o-f-t and s-i-l-k-y. And, those luscious undulations of thick and thin? Simply divine!
The quick knit gauge--15 stitches and 22 rows on 6mm/10us-- whips up a fast and satisfying project. You really do not want to do much more than stocking stitch or garter stitch with this yarn. I would suggest letting the "fabric" be made simply with more focus paid on a unique shape or detail
I'm working on a design for "Book 2010"-- as it will be called ;-*-- using the colour Olive 007.
I'm thinking about adding some of these...
I will certainly miss the knitting of this project when it is done.
Note to self- work with this yarn again.



... accompli!
My "me knit" is done and I am very, very happy!!

Now, if the temps could just rise above -25 degrees celsius I just might be able to wear this darling.....
I selected very simple mother of pearl buttons to stay in keeping with the simplicity of the design. Though I originally pulled out round ones I finally decided on square with softly rounded edges.

The buttons were an Ebay acquisition from one of my favourite sources for all things mother of pearly.... Vincy Ming
Not only do they offer wonderful things for embellishing, prompt service and very reasonable prices, but what arrives in the mail are lovely little "gifts" themselves....

wrapped in pretty paper...

with beautiful stamps from an inspiring far away place...


Anatomy of ...

... a "me" knit!
Anyone who follows my blog will know that rarely do I start a project just for me... rarer still do I finish anything larger than a scarf or hat.
When you do knittin' for a living the Shoemaker's Children Syndrome kicks in and if what's on the sticks does not make dollars and sense.... it just ain't there.
A few months back I was smitten with a "less is more" knit I stumbled upon in Ravelry.
It must have been the mental wonkies of a lazy New Year's Day-- after an over indulgent Eve-- that had me rooting about my stash to find yarn for the Garter Yoke Cardigan found in the latest issue of Knit.1.
The yarn unearthed was "vintage"... Classic Elite Yarns Evergreen Cotton and Wool--- at the same time Rowan Yarns had their own label on the same stuff. It must have been at least 15 years ago that I added 7 skeins of this yarn to my stash.This yarn was really ahead of it's time by what was written on the label:
EVERGREEN is spun of recycled fibers from spinning mills, garment factories, and other industrial uses of textiles in England. Water and energy are conserved because pre-exsiting colored fibers are used to create the subtle palette eliminating additional dyeing processes. Chemical dyestuff production is lessened. Landfill space reduced. People are employed to sort the fibers. Do your part for the environment by knitting with EVERGREEN from Classic Elite.
45% cotton- 45% wool- 10% unidentified fibers
Label printed on recycled paper.

The following is the anatomy of my "me knit" as seen on my mags-kandis Ravelry Garter Yoke Cardigan project page:

This lovely yarn has been looking for a project for longer than I care to admit… I think this one just might be a ticket…. wish me luck 8-)
OMG— still knitting and liking this. Just motoring along… have begun the waist shaping… slipped it on for fit and it’s looking mighty fine. Pictures coming soon!
Finally… pictures! 2 or so more inches and we are done except for the sleeves. Just started on my third skein of yarn. Looks like 4 skeins will be enough. Leaves me extra yarn for a future wrap… sniff… sniff… love the feel and easy knitting of this discontinued yarn… sniff… sniff.
Really enjoying the quick, mindlessness and ultimate wearability of this project…. KUDOS MELISSA!!!08/01/09
On to sleeve number one! Hate double points!!! Found my shortest circ and am about to pick up and go…. hmmmm…. I have some nutmeg hued mohair that would knit close enough to gauge….. hmmmmmmm…
Second sleeve 1/3 done. Dug about my button box and have a few options. Fingers-crossed for a finished project by the 12th!


  • Love buttons but thought there were too many for my taste. Making holes every 20 rows— 7 buttons.
  • Personal taste wanted a more relaxed finish to the bottom edging— because the yarn has little spring I decided to work 1 row of Rev Stst before casting off in knit. I’m happy.
  • Making sleeves longer– to wrist– and ended the same way I ended the body.


To paraphrase...

... a famous Canadian, Mike Meyers....
I'm not worthy!!!
Thank you, all, for making my MQW the #1 pattern download at Knitting Daily not only for one... but two years running! WOW!!!
click on the image above to get your copy!


A fresh start...

I am a woman of many mantras. For this new year I will share one of my oldest of standbys...

May you always have...
something to do...
someone to love...
and something to look forward to...

When this sure fire recipe for a contented life is temporarily upset I turn to the fridge.
No, not for food--- though, I do believe a bit of good chocolate makes every situation a smidge more pleasant. I turn to the fridge for fortitude and a really good reality check!
Our fridge door is filled with a revolving exhibit of all sorts of colourful trinkets and visual treasures from places we have been and things we have done.
But it is a simple black and white photograph that I use as a barometer of how my day is really going....
I figure a typical "off-day" for me could not be anywhere near as daunting as an "off-day" was for him...

All the best for 2009!