A very tempting... just arrived from WEBS.
They are having an anniversary sale and a good amount of Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn shades are available for only $13.99 a ball.

Many of you have commented on my personal version of the Summer Linen Wrap (below, as seen in Gifted knit in Berroco Linen Jeans).

Well, my version (below) is made using one ball of said Noro. It has been worn a lot this past winter. And, the way spring is going so far... it will be worn a lot more before any "summer" wrap will be needed in my neck of the woods.

I do have to tell you.... I have AB-so-LUTE-ly no idea what colourway mine is knit in. I never noted it down and the wrapper has been swallowed up somewhere in my studio. SO sorry! I can tell you that it has lots of shades that are pinky, winey and rusty along with greens and a vibrant orange that grew on me. Noro has a way of making colours grow on you...