Happy Holidays!

May you have only the happiest of knitting in 2008!


South for the winter...

Last Sunday we had the luxury of being able to stay warm inside while it snowed. About a foot fell softly and quietly. I guess this home will stay empty until the Spring. Enjoy the last day of autumn... tomorrow winter really begins!


One down and a "Plan B"...

Fetching is done and is quite--- well--- fetching! The Raspberry colour is perfect for the receiver. A bit of gift wrap and a length of ribbon and I have one down!

As for the "Plan B"? Well, my Nordic Mittens project have hit a major snag..... gauge issues!

Tension tensions!!!

This is often the case when not using the specific yarn used in a specific pattern--- note to self: add Julia to my stash.

I thought I was safe. I measured often at the start--- right up to the beginning of the thumb gusset. After that I became complacent (not quite cocky) and... the birdseed hit the ventilator. You can even see in the photo how much tighter my gauge became.

I've come to believe that once a project becomes "grieful", it is important to reassess--- and quickly before any negative mojo works it's way through the yarn. With this in mind.... here sits the mitten... off the needles... not even a scrap of yarn holding the live stitches... waiting for reassessment.

I then quickly cast on what I thought would be a no-brainer--- a simple pair of broadly striped foot cozies (read as thick, warm socks). Gauge issues, again! This time I am stocking stitching a tad too loosely. Darn those knitting gremlins....... I will persevere!


Gift knitting...

A month or so back, I made a pledge at Buy Handmade.

Of course, it seemed like a good idea at the time.... now the Holiday crunch is on!
I thought I would not only buy handmade, but make handmade, as well. There is a great misconception that since I have seemingly unlimited access to wonderful yarns and patterns that a knit gift from me would be de rigueur... not so! Think, "shoemaker's children".

This year I am doing my best to do some knit gifting.

A trip to Knitty was tops on my list for inspiration. A pair of Fetching--- has not everyone knit these?--- was quickly earmarked and with a large stash of Mission Falls 1824 Wool--- ;-]--- all I had to do was decide on a colour. Here they are in progress... the colour is 029 Raspberry.

Next in the queue-- not yet on the needles-- is from the latest Knitty. I love luscious thingies wrapped around my neck when the cold hits and Cheryl Marling's Tudora is simple and lovely. I have a few balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in a lush, overripe eggplant colour. This yarn--picked up at Knit Happens in Alexandria, Virginia a few Aprils back--has struggled for it's reason to be. This just might be the project!

Deciding on my next project proved to be far more difficult. Just before I left for my adventure, I acquired the most fabulously, inspiring book... Kristin Knits! Kristin Nicholas is the best at designing joyful, colourful knitwear. Her way with hats, socks and mittens has always sent me over the knitting moon-- I rarely allot time to knit for myself, so accessories are often my knit "fix". Her latest collection is pure delight!!! If only I could win the "big one"..... I'd buy an Airstream Safari, fill the fridge with fabulous food and County Cider, pack up 10 balls each of every shade of Julia, set up camp in the "perfect" knitting spot, string up my hammock and blissfully knit everything in this book. My reality check was choosing only one project-- the Nordic mittens on page 125, digging into my yarn at hand-- Patons Classic Merino Wool, and plopping myself near the wood stove in Skeeter's favourite chair. Not such a bad "Plan B" for a snowy day....