Girl with an url...

Well, actually, I've possessed the URL for awhile. Anyone curious enough to have punched in would have been greeted by a generic, "wrong green"place holder that led nowhere. Today, there still is no content, but the page that welcomes things to come makes my heart sing!

This fantastic collage-- and five others-- was created by a talented blogger, knitter, artist, lover of life. Her name is Marie and you can visit her blog here. Yes, she is French. Yes, the blog is in French. Quelle joie!!!
The fabulous life that she took time to create for Marisol-- a design that can be found in Spirit-- is one of the most heart touching compliments I have ever received.
As fate would have it, I'll be in Paris this summer!!!
I look forward to tracing Marisol's footsteps and meeting Marie.

Oh, one other thing. I'd love to have some suggestion on what type of content you would like to find at Anyone? Anyone?

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