Coming clean...

I feel it's finally time--- maybe some will say it's a bit too late--- that I share a dirty little secret with you. I have kept it close for a few years. Smiling with a wink. Deftly changing the subject to something less revealing... less shameful... I'm a lover of yarn, for gawd sake! I guess I could have continued putting on my casual and deceptive airs in public, but I have simply lost the energy to do so.

Kidsilk Haze! Kidsilk Crack! Ack! I love your wispy, weightless caress. I love your colours that draw me lemmingly over the edge. I love dreaming how after twisting around my needle again and again you will flutter into something I will cherish forever.

But pleeeeease...must you be such a beeatch to knit!!!
Talk about product over process!! Ack! Ack! Ack!
There! I've come clean!!! Now, back to "the haze"....

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Anonymous said...

Yummy... yummy!!

Did the countdown run out?