... I am like a dog with a bone!
I'll let you know right up front there is no knit content in the post.... just a gnawing ache I must share.
You'll need some background to get up to speed...
I spent a good chunk of last November in Morocco. It was my first time there and I must admit the whole adventure was truly dizzying. The saturated colours, the fragrant spices, the constant push of the souks, the thick scent of Jasmine all had me reeling as if in a dream. After "roughing it" for two weeks, we splurged on an incredible riad (bed and breakfast) located in the Medina section of Marrakesh for our last four nights...

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I am hell bent in creating the "feel" I experienced during our stay. Open air... lounge-y daybed... sumptuous textiles... mint tea...
Where do I want my "riad" to be? On our relatively narrow side porch overlooking the garden.
However, I must keep in mind the following:
  • I live in an 1860's Ontario Gothic farmhouse.
  • "Outdoor living" is from June until September.
  • Mosquitoes also enjoy "outdoor living" until the end of July.
  • My budget-- as usual-- is shoe-string at best.
Yes... lots of thinking... hmmmmm... back to my knitting... more thinking... often the thinking is easier... ;-)


MiA said...

Yes, Morocco is really a wonderful source of inspiration!
I would also love my home to be like a riad. Recognized many of the things in your beautiful pictures :)

Have a nice day!

karen said...

Wow! Your photos are beautiful. The colors are gorgeous. I'm sure your porch will be lovely!

The Wooly Wumpus said...

The colours alone are enough to inspire even the most bland person! Can't wait to see pictures of your "riad"!!