I have fallen...

... hard!
Real hard.... for Blue Sky Alpacas' Dyed Worsted Cotton!

Knitting up like spun silk, this softer-than-soft organic cotton-- don't even get me started about all the fantastic colours--- was the only choice for one of my favourite Gifted projects.

The Precious Baby Jacket was my first project with this scrumptious yarn. It certainly will not be my last.
Precious is what I consider a perfect modern heirloom--- simple, practical and special. Simple and practical are achieved by the construction-- an easy asymmetric, top down project-- and the colour-- a very gender neutral shade called Azul.
The special? Little felted rounds of applique are scattered and colourfully stitched onto the finished knit. More of Blue Sky Alpaca's yarn playlist was used for the felting--- 100% alpaca Melange in Cornflower.

One of the wonderful, lingering by-products of working on Gifted-- where the world is your "yarn" oyster-- was being introduced to new and inspiring fibers to create with.
I have been swatching with some remaining bits of yarn in my stash and have found something that makes me happy.

With a skein of the lovely, soft Orchid, I'll be whipping up a sweet adult sized topper for when the temperatures begin to dip. I know! It's not even summer, yet!!

It must be the lovely spring we are having that has inspired a leafy motif for a design that will be available Julyish.
This will be part of a mini-companion-collection of patterns to celebrate the arrival of Gifted. Available as individual downloads, they will continue on where Gifted leaves off.... so many gifts to make... so many ideas to share... so much fun to have!

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