M is for...

... macarons! French macarons!!!

Not those North American chewy, desiccated coconut concoctions. Those are coconut macaroons. Not that there is anything wrong with them.

But these are magically, marvelous, melt in the mouth morsels.

Imagine, if you can, two delicate meringues embracing a luscious schmear of chocolate ganache or raspberry cream or pistachio cream or... or... or...

My personal favourite? Chocolate. Dark chocolate... Chocolat Noir Amer!!

I can't believe I lived until June 23rd, 2008 oblivious to the existence of these lovelies!!!
Merci, Paris!

Now I have two lofty goals for 2008: master the invisible zipper... and the French macaron!


Facile c├ęcile said...

I've got it!!!
Your book ...Folk style...
my Bible!!!
I love the style and all these colors...Congratulation for your talent!

Mags Kandis said...

Thank you for your lovely words!
You must tell me more about the fantastic lilac slippers!