I had an idea...

Some of you may remember an "idea" I blogged about way back in May.
Well, the "idea" has hit--- yet another--- challenge.
I did all my cutting--- 4 pairs of unloved jeans were scavenged;
went out and purchased my BIG and ORANGE needles;
knit until I created just short of 17 feet of this...

Then I reached a point of struggle... my original idea was just not working... my only recourse?

Now I sit and stare...I'm thinking crochet... must buy BIG hook!

To make matters worse, all of these had to land at my door this week...

Can you spell d-i-s-t-r-a-c-t-i-o-n?

Well, there is a storm quickly approaching.... I think I'll blissfully fall into the arms of procrastination. Enjoy your weekend!

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