The South of France for a couple of days!

Well, no... not really France-- my life is nowhere near that glamourous--- but it sure felt like it!

I spent my holiday Monday (it was Thanksgiving in Canada) and most of last Tuesday picking grapes.... Pinot Gris, to be exact! Our neighbours down the road are wine growers. Our county has become a flourishing wine region and Pauline and Gilbert are a lovely part of it. Redtail Vineyard has had a fabulous year and the harvest of the Gris is banner. On Monday, ten of us picked from 9 until 5. 500 kgs (1100 lbs) of grapes were picked. Tuesday, with just four of us and a late start due to rain, another 200 kgs (450 lbs) were harvested. I am told we will not get our "pay" for the labour until at least May..... a bottle-- or maybe two-- of a wine with the taste of a knitter's hands!

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