Fiesta times two!!

Well, a fabulous elf at Interweave Press has been busily organizing a wee bit of a party to celebrate the success of Folk Style.

The plans have been finalized and you are invited!!

AlterKnit Cafe is one of the newest knit hot spots in Toronto and Terri Quinn-- the proprietor-- has kindly offered to open her doors to the maddening throng of crazed Folk Style knitters. OK... maybe not maddening and probably not a throng... but certainly crazed if I know them. If you are in the neighbourhood, please drop by! If you can be persuaded with sweets, I understand there will be a "Cookie Cake" with an edible Folk Style cover gracing the top!!! How cool is that? I'll be able to eat my own words!!!

AlterKnit Cafe
1024 St Clair Avenue West
(416) 654-0500
Wednesday, October 24th
7pm - 10pm

Now, for the "times two". ..
On the same night.... in the same darn town.... Fiona Ellis (another talented contributor to Folk Style) is hosting a launch party for her own beautiful book, Inspired Fair Isle Knits. You can catch the festivities at the Textile Museum of Canada from 6 -8pm... then high tail it up to AlterKnit with Fiona for some more knittiness.
Textile Museum
50 Centre Avenue


dana said...

are you coming to denver/boulder?

Mags Kandis said...

No, no plans for Colorado. You'll find out on the blog when and where I'll be showing up next.

Anonymous said...

Your book is fantastic..such a collection of beautiful pieces.