Eat... knit... eat...

I believe once you have removed the yarn... it is all about the food.

Years ago a friend dubbed our home, "The Vole and Piddle". We knew immediately where the "vole" came from.... think hot summer and a tenacious, killer of a cat named Ditto. The "piddle" remains a mystery to this day....

Tips for the best pizza a la Vole and Piddle:

  • King Arthur Flour-- a combination of 2/3 unbleached white and 1/3 whole wheat.

  • A tablespoon of honey for the sweetness.

  • A very hot pizza stone-- preheat while the dough is rising.

  • Spicy, garlicky tomato sauce base.

  • Cheese of choice? A light sprinkling of a medium aged Gouda (I picked up this trick in Havana, Cuba of all places).

  • Top with whatever makes your heart sing.

Pictured is chorizo, rapini, potato, and roasted red pepper.

Chin chin!!!


AB&AB said...

Sounds delicious! It was a real pleasure to meet you this weekend. Thanks for helping with our little project. All the best. I will be casting on your wrap one day soon!Amy

Lee said...

The pizza looks delicious. Those made at home are always best.

I thought I knew what "piddle" meant, but decided to search online for the meaning. The first is "to spend time aimlessly" and "dwaddle" - which can be a glorious way to spend time. The informal meaning is the one I thought of in relation to the cat - "what he/she" does in his/her box". I'm sure they were referring to the first meaning, althoug it could have double meaning if the bathroom "library" is well stocked.