Sew sad, sew happy...

Last month I learned that my FAVourite sewing mag is ending it's run.
Stitch (a publication that I have been fortunate enough to contribute to) will end with their Winter 2015 issue--- sew sad.

For their Spring 2016 issue (before they announced their news) I submitted a hat project I had kicking around.
The project developed from my combined love of re-purposing textiles and never having too many hats AND my huge girl crush on Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin fabulousness.
I am making the basics of how to make the hat available to you-- sew happy.
What follows is not step by step-- what fun is that?There are no/few rules when it comes to creativity.
Enjoy yourself! Make it your own!!
I can't wait to see what you come up with...


  • old single knit cotton t-shirts or jersey scraps
  • printed template PDF
  • scissors- paper, fabric and small sharps
  • tailor chalk (I use old slivers of white soap-- a la my frugal Mom's way)
  • straight pins
  • sewing needles
  • acrylic craft paint (I like Martha Stewart's)
  • craft foam, strong craft glue and a base to adhere the foam for making stamp--- or whatever you have around. I've been known to use potatoes, orka, and fingers when inspiration hits!
  • thread-- I use Coats Button and Craft Thread as is the AC way.
  • embroidery cotton


Finished size is approx 21.75" and will fit an average adult.
  • Make your stamp. Cut craft foam into a circle shape ( mine measures approx 1 3/4"  across) and glue onto base. Let dry completely.
  • I like making my pattern piece out of something a bit firmer than basic printer paper. I traced the template onto some light card stock.Note that the PDF needs to be placed on a fold or flipped to create the pattern piece needed.
  • Cut out your fabric. You need 2 pieces of one colour cut for the top and 2 pieces cut for the lining.

  • Stamp circles onto fabric pieces that will be the top layer. Place a folded, old towel under the fabric. The added padding will allow easier stamping. Allow paint to dry.
  • Place a top piece onto a lining piece. You will have two layered pieces.
  • With embroidery cotton. Stitch around each stamped circle through both layers.
  • With sharp scissors, cut out top layer of circles inside stitching lines to reveal lining.
  • With right sides facing, hand stitch the 7" edges together through all 4 layers with a 1/4" seam allowance.
  • With right sides facing, stitch together crown shaping. The points will all meet in the middle at the top of the crown. Don't follow the flat zig zag your pattern piece looks like. The crown should look like this:
Happily wear!
Me again...

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cheryl said...

Love it! Perfect for fall and the holidays :)