Changes all around...

The change to my  favourite season is reason enough to resurrect my blog.
More than two years of changes are still creating dust.
Some clouds are thicker than others.
I have been waiting for something to say.
The waiting has felt like a hand pushing harder and harder against my open mouth.
I will just start saying and that will be that.
You will find far less knitting and yarning on the coming pages.
YES... I still knit but now more for *need* than for creative expression and economics.
I have had great inspirational opportunities during my time of blog silence.
I will begin to share and share and share....
This makes me happy-er.

Oh, you may had noticed a *slight* varaiation in the name of my blog.
Two years ago, after 18 years of living 3km from a town of 200, I relocated to the downtown of a metropolis of 1700.
There's even a traffic light!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! LOVE the hat!!

robin54 said...

So glad to hear you!