... who'd a thunk!?!
Doodling as a "zen" and "creative" exercise!
For all I know, this has been going on for eons ... but it is new to me!
I tripped across this wonderfulness when I started hunting down more info on a very inspiring stuff maker with a really great name---Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.
I've been playing with photo-transfer ideas for my own personal creative exploits and started watching YouTube clips totally mesmerized by Julie's makings.
With a click of my mouse I fell into this...

I could not wait to grab a fine tipped marker and start!
I must say, seeing that I spend a bulk of my creative time either knitting, stitching or keyboarding, the cool feel of a pen in my hand is odd yet pleasing.
Here is the start of my first attempt.
I began by mimicking Julie's lovely layers of ribbons and went from there....

I can only get better... I'm liking this. :)
I can see these as fun gift cards...


MiA said...

Oh no... I did not need any more things on my must-try-list... This is cooool! I google a little and found a flickr group - did you see it before?


karen said...

These are the best doodles I have ever seen! I'm going to try some this weekend. Thanks for adding the video.

Posh-it said...

OKAY...either I'm simple or just plan unobservant but I can't find an email address for you anywhere. I luv your work and wanted to let you know about a NEW ART EVENT.My apologies for posting this lengthy blurb here....but I really wanted to get in touch.

A bit of background: the idea for the show came from the 100 Mile Diet. Just as we would all like for folks to support local farmers I thought why not apply the same concept to holiday gift buying. Make It Indie is an independent Fine Craft & Decorative Art Show whose mandate is to encourage, support and promote regional artists and artisans who unabashedly make it, make it independently and support each other in the process. We are looking for artists who make well-constructed, well-conceived, provocative work that exemplifies good art practice. Currently we have a photographer, an illustrator, a painter, a ceramic artist, several fibre artists, two glass artists, a soap maker, a cabinetmaker, a tile mosaic artist and the list goes on. To date our artists represent the region from Oshawa to Peterbough to Bellville. As word gets out more and more like-minded artists are coming forward.

Make It Indie: Support Regional Independent Artisans Calling all creators and purveyors of fine craft and decorative art.

Hey Fellow Artisan, this is a VENDOR CALL!
Please join me Sunday, November 21, 2010 for the inaugural Christmas Fine Craft & Decorative Art Show and Sale at the Lions Community Centre on Elgin Street east in Cobourg. We’re small but we’re mighty! Make it Indie is a venue for regional artists, crafters and other sorts of cool peddlers to come out and sell their handmade wares. This year's show will feature but is not limited to the following: glass, wood, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, soap making, clothing and Visual Art. Keep in mind this is a Christmas show so plan accordingly; slap a bow on it!

Please visit our website @ for more information including, show concept, vendor information, downloadable vendor forms and for images and profiles of participating artists and artisans. Should you choose to participate an image of your work, your artist profile and a link to your website will be included. The event can also be accessed through The Toronto Craft Alert, The Ontario Crafts Council and the The Northumberland Arts Council Newsletter. The show will also be promoted through regional print material such as posters, postcards, newspaper ads and a full colour ad in Watershed magazine. Phone inquiries can be made by contacting Sally @905-377-0740.

Please let me know if this is something you'd be interested in.
Sally McKay-LePage