... on my mind. That's what it must be!
It is my birthday this month so I thought I would buy myself an early birthday gift.
It arrived today. Just in time to be my companion while lying under a shady tree to avoid the second blast of heat that has drifted over us.

Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress--- Frida's Wardrobe--- Fashion from the Museo Frida Kahlo

I have yet to read a word. I quickly did a little flip through and lost my breath. From what I understand, on the day of her death Diego insisted that Frida's closet be sealed for 50 years. Once opened in 2004 every item was lovingly restored and catalogued.

From amazon.com--- "Now, for the first time, 95 original and beautifully staged photographs of Kahlo's newly restored clothing are paired with historic photos of the artist wearing them and her paintings in which the garments appear. Frida's life and style were an integral part of her art, and she is long overdue for recognition as a fashion icon. "

Oh, all of her rebozos!
I was fortunate enough to tour Frida's home in Coyoacan the last time we visited fantastically, dizzying Mexico City.

I could not help but cry as I moved from room to room. The beauty and passion and pain of her life could still be felt.

This is my cotton rebozo. I picked it up in a market on an adventure in Oaxaca. I was tickled to see one almost like it in the tiny gift shop at Frida's Museum. A little bit of Frida lives with me in The County.... sigh.

Now, where is that cool breeze?

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What a treasure book you have :)