Have you tried...

... Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flammé ?
Oh my G-A-W-D!!
What a scrumptious combination of Peruvian wool, alpaca and silk.
So s-o-f-t and s-i-l-k-y. And, those luscious undulations of thick and thin? Simply divine!
The quick knit gauge--15 stitches and 22 rows on 6mm/10us-- whips up a fast and satisfying project. You really do not want to do much more than stocking stitch or garter stitch with this yarn. I would suggest letting the "fabric" be made simply with more focus paid on a unique shape or detail
I'm working on a design for "Book 2010"-- as it will be called ;-*-- using the colour Olive 007.
I'm thinking about adding some of these...
I will certainly miss the knitting of this project when it is done.
Note to self- work with this yarn again.


MiA said...

Hi! I really love those buttons you wrote about in you last post. Are these stars from the same supplier?

Greetings from Sweden.

Mags said...

Yes, the star buttons (as well as some sweet heart shaped ones) arrived yesterday from my Ebay source...Vincy Ming.