It's fun... try it...

.... Buy Nothing Day!

If you live in the United States your day of shopping freedom is Friday, November 28th.
One second after midnight on that day you begin. Yippppeeeeee!

For some reason the rest of the world has to wait until one second after midnight Saturday, November 29th.... pooh!

Now... here is the only "rule":

Buy absolutely nothing for 24 hours!

How easy is that?

And, being the crafty sort I know you are, I suggest that you take this day to make some heartfelt gifts for holiday giving. Bake. Sew. Knit. Felt. Play with paper. Whatever your poison... make it!

Heck, if Saturday goes well I just might stretch it out to Buy Nothing Weekend!
Have fun and enjoy this catchy little ditty as you play...


Margie said...

What a great idea...have not heard of it over here in Ireland or England (maybe thats just me though), will try it on saturday. Margie.

Karen said...

I didn't celebrate the day because I just learned now about it. Love the theme song, though.