From lemons...

... to lemonade!
Last fall-- just about this time-- I started poking about my closet shelf of store-bought sweaters with preparation for the winter months in mind. I stress "store-bought" because my closet is small and shared. I have a whole, large unshared cupboard containing hand knits... thank you very much ;-)

For a person known to celebrate colour in her design work, I must admit that my shelf is filled mostly of sweaters in variations of grey, oatmeal and stone. Every so often a spark of colour in a shade of a "dead fruit or vegetable" can be caught.... off pumpkin, off rhubarb, off zucchini.

Last year, with a gasp, I grieved the loss of one of the brighter sweaters in my life. A pullover as close to chartreuse that I would dare to wear--- maybe it was closer to dead lime. It was pure wool, loosely knit into a simple v-neck with casual, lightly curling cuffs and hem. It was as light as three feathers. I had worn it for years and it was beginning to show it's age. I envisioned it eventually becoming a "gardening" or "camping" sweater.... but no, this was not to be. One word changed it's fate....


Country living contributes to all sorts of "loss due to critters". One does one's best to thwart the destruction, but every so often the critters win. But, me thinks, the critters may not have won....

"Pure wool, eh?", I mused. Hmmmmmmm........ FELT IT!!!

I did not think to photographically document the perfection of felted fabric my chartreuse lovely created. Most of the body was used-- in bits and bobs-- in various felt applique projects I puttered at. But, like the "oysters" of a chicken or the "cheeks" of a pickerel, I saved the sleeves for a special purpose.... I was not sure at the time for what, but I knew it was to be special.

Fast forward to last week...... and a bit of retail therapy. I picked up a stone coloured, angora blend, garter stitch cardi that Laura Petrie would have been proud to pair with her capris. But... boy sleeves are sure short these days! Are sleeves the new hemline indicator of our economic health?!? Anyway, something was needed to fill the seven inches of bare forearm before winter's arrival...... pickerel cheeks!!!

Just add a little bit of embroidery.....

I do love lemonade!!!


Vicki Stammer said...

Now I finally know what I'm going to do with the sleeves of the Anne Klein sweater that shrank into a toddler size! I've meant to make a pillow out of the far-too-cropped body for years, but now I can use up the whole magilla!

Thanks, Mags!

Vicki Stammer

Rane( said...

Ack! I love this!! I think that
I have loads of these I can do!!!
Maybe for my daughter too!!
Thanks for the Idea!

Margie said...

Thanks for the inspiration mags, I spent some time last winter knitting wrist warmers, but now I realise that I can recycle and reuse the growing collection of old sweaters and wooly cardigans and not create new.

Anonymous said...

I love these! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!!

Sara said...

I noticed how cute these were on you during your Paris Recycled Knitting Daily appearance. I could not shake them and decided to check out your blog. Somehow the blog knew what I was looking for because as I was lost in reading about all your other great projects it told me about this post. :) Thanks for the inspiration,