Memory Monday

I have a new topic today... it may be the start of something!
Memory Monday will be an opportunity for me to revisit my photo files, jog my memory and share moments. A smidgen of knitting; a pinch of travel; a smattering of food (I seem to have an alarming number of food shots.... hmmm.... what could this mean?) all a wee bit wabi sabi....

In November I took a trip of a lifetime... 23 days from Bangkok, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam. I am aching to return!!! The 2o hour flight and the night-is-day- day-is-night body clock flip was pretty brutal.... but four months later it is a distant memory clouded by the amazing sights, sounds, tastes and smells of this intoxicating part of the world.

Day 1 : Bangkok, Thailand.

We arrived around noonish-- mid-night body clock time. Tired, dazed, confused and fighting off "the crankies" we began our adventure. Our plan was to stay up as late as we could and then crash. The wonderful hotel we had booked for our stay offered a free sunset cocktail cruise along the Chao Praya River. We thought, what a wonderful way to introduce ourselves to this world of the unknown and stave off The Sandman. It was!!
Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) is stunning and inspiring. Below is one of my first shots of the Wat. I feel this image fittingly captures the mysteries of the structure and my mental wonkies...

Day 2 : Bangkok, Thailand.

Far more in focus..... the gentle faces that surround Wat Arun.

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