If it's September.... it must be spring!!!

No, I am still in Canada.

As much as the thought of another Ontario winter without a "real" source of heat could compel me to skip off--- laptop and maple syrup in hand--- for a new found south of the equator existence.... I'm still here.... I hate packing.

If it's September....... I can be found finalizing patterns, joining seams, knitting collars and fastening buttons to what will become the Mission Falls spring collection of designs. In the highly organized chaos of my studio are stacks of boxes. Each box contains a project. Each project is in it's own unique state of "donedness". Of course, it is all very top secret--- there is always the concern of industrial espionage, don't ya know. But I'll share a smidgen... a hint... a tease...

New colours of 1824 Cotton?.... maybe ;-). Twelve new designs for the next warm season... definitely. I'll share more later..... when it's safe.... I promise.

Until it really is spring... you can check out Mission Falls' new twist on an old favourite available this autumn... 1824 tricolors

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Sue Woo said...

I love your designs and can't wait to see the new ones!