Back to school...

I very rarely teach workshops. Don't get me wrong... it's not that I don't enjoy it. I love teaching! That's why I choose not to do it often.... I always want to love it. I enjoy the interaction with my classmates; the exploration of creative ideas; the inspiration I draw from the class time; the silence of happy creative hands; and the fabulous bursts of laughter. I just find teaching to be very exhausting and quite the antithesis to my normal knit-swatches-work-on-computer-write-patterns-all-alone daily work life.

The end of October I will be offering up two morning workshops at the CreativFestival in Toronto.

For years this mammoth weekend of a creative inhale and exhale was called The Sewing and Needlework Festival--- the name change happened this year, I think--- I still lovingly call it the "Needlework Nightmare". 40,000 fantastically hyper-enthused crafters show up over the three day event for classes, demos, fashion shows, inspiration and-- above all else-- retail therapy. It really is a must-do event if you are within driving distance of Toronto.

I will also be holding a brief needle felting demo and a Folk Style book signing in the afternoons. I am partnered with a LYS who has a booth at the show. Part of the deal is that I will have a 10'x10' area to display most-- if not all-- of the projects from Folk Style. Imagine, you can be upfront and personal with Gayle's Felt Appliqued Skirt, Kate's Paisley Shawl, Robin's Bunad Mukluks, and Gina's Appalachian Gathering Basket.....

I know, some of you might be swooning right now. It is a good thing that you are-- most likely-- already sitting down.

I hope you are able to make the show.... and please... stop by to see the Folk Style projects and say hello!

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