Don't hate me...

... because my rubber gloves are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

I just could not help myself when I saw this dah-ling pair at the local dollar store.
I'll be putting them to good use. I've got lots and lots of felting to do over the next little while as I ready myself for the yearly Prince Edward County Studio and Gallery Tour.
This is my second year participating. It was so much fun meeting all the very interesting people who swung by last September I thought I would be a fool not to participate again.
I whipped up this pincushion the other week.

The shape reminds me of a Donut Peach. Have you ever tried one? Ohhhhh... you really should. They usually show up in my market sometime in July. They are thrilling to the taste buds... but I digress. I'm thinking I'll make a few more of the pin cushions for the show. I do have to come clean, however.

The cheery felted ball punctuating the cushion is store bought---- eeeeeek! Ornamantea has lovely, well-priced ones in colours that make me happy. I, once again, could not help myself. Besides, as they use to say at the end of Craft Corner Deathmatch, "sometimes it is just cheaper and easier to buy it"! Gosh, I enjoyed that show...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and the longest day of the year--- for those of you who live north of the equator!


Tish said...

the pin cushion also looks like a Jack Be Little pumpkin. Those gloves look like the rubber boots I've been coveting (but black on the bottom with the big polka dots on the shaft of the boot). Can't remember the brand, but they are a little pricey so I dither (but will probably end up getting them anyway!).

Karen said...

Yeah, I think it looks like a mini-pumpkin, too. I love the rusty red with the turquoise blue. Can't wait to see more. Will there be a pattern?

Sally said...

I am so sad to learn that your wonderful yarns are to be a thing of the past. I learned to crochet late in 2009 and then discovered your amazing yarns. The staff at MF was always wonderful and helpful and I love the yarn and the colours.

Feeling sad....years late in the discovery, delight in finding them online. Seems as though distribution was an issue at least on the US West Coast. Please continue to post what you are doing and if you think there is any comparable yarn to MF Cotton.

Here I was looking forward to new colours and more yarn. It is a sad year for me and my new business which focused on your yarns.