Sweep me away...

... to wonderful Norway.
Ooooooohhhhh.... I just discovered Pickles!

Have you been?
Oh my, it is a dangerous place!
Be prepared to "misplace" lots of time while you are inspired to create countless little lovelies.
One other smidge of a warning... when at the Pickles site it is in the best interest of all that you do not click "Friends of Pickles" unless your cup of tea is full, there is nothing in the oven and the dog has had a pee.

"Pickles offers free patterns for knitting, crochet and sewing as well as a bunch of other craft projects. We´re also into cupcake-making, and share our recipes with you.

Pickles is Heidi and Anna, who are both knee deep into craft...."

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Facile C├ęcile said...

So Happy to read you again....