Help me...

... help you... help me!

Spring cleaning has begun in my studio and I am being merciless!!!
Starting today I will be having all sorts of "treasures" to spark creativity available for purchase on Ebay.
Yarns, buttons, books, patterns, fabrics, findings.... gawd only knows what I will be digging up!!

If you visit my Ebay merchant area , mags-kandis-stash, you will find that I am starting with only a sampling of my "collection" of Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I'll be adding more and different items as I sift through the archaeological dig of a studio space I occupy...
Happy shopping and knitting!

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PurpleSage said...

Hi! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful opportunity.

...although, I feel like I've turned into a stalker -- always popping back into your ebay space to see what's new ;)

I had just ordered and received one ball of the Mission Falls 1824 wool a couple of days ago and was marvelling at its softness -- then I saw your post on Ravelry! I see my stash multiplying!