Who'd a thunk...

... getting a colourway named after you would be so easy...

The yarn and sliver used to create my Suri Spots Mitts is produced by the magical Canadian yarn company, Fleece Artist. I have loved their yarns for years and have created a few things for myself during that time.
The following is the back and forth of emails between Fleece Artist and myself as we worked through the colour of the sliver used in the making of my "cover project":

My name is Mags Kandis. I am designing a project for the upcoming Interweave Felt 2 publication. I recently received yarn and sliver from you for the project... thank you! However, I was disappointed with the colour of the merino sliver--- yes, I know the taboo. Do not order colours from a monitor! Anyway, the colour ordered from the web site was Cosmic Dawn. I chose it because I thought it to be fairly close to a Fleece Artist Merino Sliver I have in my stash-- rich coppers and rose, chartreuse to dark, dusty olive, greyed blue and mauve . The one I received was very bright lime and jade and parrot blue and fuchsia. To shorten this story, I ended up using my stashed sliver to complete the project that is now on it's way to Interweave. This is where I need your help. Attached are photos of the sliver I used. I hope you are able to give me a name for the colour so that it can be included in the pattern.

Thank you in advance,

Mags Kandis

ps-- I love your yarns!

Hi Mags: Are all the pictures from one braid of roving? Kathryn

Hi Kathryn, Yes... one stunningly inspirational braid of roving! Mags

Hi Mags: Well we do a lot of " one of a kind" colours. This looks like it could be muted Hercules. Why don't you call it "Mags Colourway" and I will keep it on file for when we get folks looking for it. Cheers Kathryn

Wow! A Fleece Artist "Mags Colourway"! Too cool.....

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