One down and a "Plan B"...

Fetching is done and is quite--- well--- fetching! The Raspberry colour is perfect for the receiver. A bit of gift wrap and a length of ribbon and I have one down!

As for the "Plan B"? Well, my Nordic Mittens project have hit a major snag..... gauge issues!

Tension tensions!!!

This is often the case when not using the specific yarn used in a specific pattern--- note to self: add Julia to my stash.

I thought I was safe. I measured often at the start--- right up to the beginning of the thumb gusset. After that I became complacent (not quite cocky) and... the birdseed hit the ventilator. You can even see in the photo how much tighter my gauge became.

I've come to believe that once a project becomes "grieful", it is important to reassess--- and quickly before any negative mojo works it's way through the yarn. With this in mind.... here sits the mitten... off the needles... not even a scrap of yarn holding the live stitches... waiting for reassessment.

I then quickly cast on what I thought would be a no-brainer--- a simple pair of broadly striped foot cozies (read as thick, warm socks). Gauge issues, again! This time I am stocking stitching a tad too loosely. Darn those knitting gremlins....... I will persevere!

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